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TBD Owen Holland

Specialising in Ground Support Equipment and Specialist Access Solutions

for major clients, predominantly the Aerospace and Defence Sectors, TBD Owen Holland has already earned an enviable reputation for quality solutions delivered without compromise, on time, every time.

We’re big enough to cope, yet small enough to care, so choosing us means that you can always feel confident of your programmes’ deadlines being met and that you are purchasing the best quality and highest value products.

Ground Handling Equipment

  • Towable Passenger Stairs

  • Powered Passenger Stairs


Cargo Dollies

  • Container Dolly

  • Pallet Dolly


Baggage Trailers

Cargo Handling

  • Static Pallet Racks

  • Slave Pallet Racks

  • Cargo Handling Systems

Lavatory and Water Service Vehicles

  • Lavatory Servicing Units

  • Water Servicing Units

Base Maintenance Equipment

  • Multi Aircraft Mobile Staging

  • Top of Pylon Access

  • D-Duct Access Platform

  • Rear Pylon Access Platform

  • Engine Intake Platform

  • Aircraft Engineers Steps

  • (MAAS) Mobile Adjustable Aircraft Steps

  • General Purpose Steps

  • MLG Access Platform

  • Cargo Bay Access Platform

  • E&E Bay Access Steps

  • Nose & Main Landing Gear Access Platform


Aircraft Docking and Staging Equipment

  • Project based Aircraft Staging Systems


Line Maintenance Equipment


Access Equipment

  • E&E Bay Access Steps

  • Flip Top Steps

  • General Purpose Steps


MLG Access Platform

  • Nose & Main Landing Gear Access Platform


Gas Service Trolleys

  • Fixed Oxygen and Nitrogen Bottle Trolleys

  • Removable Bottle Trolleys



  • Wheel & Brake Change Dolly

  • Mobile Workshop Trailer

  • Wheel Change Trailer


High Lift Vehicles

  • Scissor Lift

  • Servicing Lift

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