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ASI Solutions

ASI Solutions Limited produces RHiNOPHALT®,

an asphalt preservative proven to deliver unparalleled cost benefits and huge environmental advantages through extending the life of the asphalt surfaces treated. 

ASI Solutions' RHiNOPHALT® also delivers significant benefits to the asset owner by optimising availability and keeping disruption to an absolute minimum.


Asphalt preservatives are most effective when applied during the earlier years of a surface’s life.  Using the  internationally recognised Pavement Condition Index, preservation is ideally carried our when the condition is Very Good or Good.

The principle behind ASI’s preservation solution is to introduce an impervious membrane either into or on top of the surface to stop both oxidisation and the ingress of water. The product also delivers additional binding qualities into the surface to secure aggregate and fines and reduce the likelihood of ravelling.

Ideal for highways and airports, ASI majors on two products which are designed for differing categories of surface determined by trafficking load.  Both materials lock in those properties of the binder which provide flexibility and binding qualities.  In addition the products are applied in such a way as to not create any surface build up, thereby maintaining skid factors at pre-treatment levels.​

When to undertake
Although it is preferable to treat early in the life of the surface, the application of a preservative is often still effective later in the life cycle provided the base structure is sound.  ASI has successfully treated surfaces which are over 15 years old enabling a cash-saving extension of the pavement’s life.

​ Benefits of Preservation

  • Prolongs the life of the surface treated

  • Can be retreated every 5 to 7 years to increase efficacy

  • Used as part of a preventative maintenance programme   

  • delivering substantial whole life cost savings

  • Rapidly applied with minimal disruption

  • Can save significant carbon tonnage when compared to 

  • conventional methods

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